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Alfonso and Luigi are the one and only barista-show and entertainment at its best. The close-up magician and barista Alfonso is creating terrific coffee topped by tremendous latte art and you will be served with magnificent tricks. The amusing and funny frontman Luigi is entertaining the guest with charm and wit. Again and again he will be overwhelming courteous Italian waiter breaking the hearts of your costumers. So:

  • there is no waiting period for your guests
  • they are seated by Luigi
  • Alfonso is preparing the coffee, roasted by an exclusive private roastery, the coffee grinder and  the „La Cimbali machine“ helps him to produce a latte art cappuccino or espresso which delivers an excellent taste of Italian coffee
  • meanwhile Luigi is engaged in aimed comedy, supporting communication with each other
  • Alfonso is handing over the coffee producing gags and tricks as an inimitable close-up magician
  • a relaxed atmosphere is created
  • the barista-show makes guests enjoy, laugh and heads for communication and at the end it leads to a lasting experience including lasting memories
  • the comedians Alfonso and Luigi are certainly adapted to the audience of the event
  • the guests will be entertained on this occasion
  • distributors, colleagues and customers are never looked after clumsy and intrusively, they always will be pampered in a charming and courteous and most friendly manner
  • the performances is suited for international audience

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